EnCompass the Solution

Over the past 20 years, medical device manufacturers have seen the costs associated with producing, approving, managing, and translating all types of content increase exponentially. Current estimates put this "total cost of content" for the device industry at over $1 billion annually. Controlling this cost requires a well-considered strategy to insure content quality and maximum reuse – it also requires a portfolio of integrated services and technologies to cover the varied needs of today’s global device manufacturer.

EnCompass content solutions are designed to address all of the content needs of today’s medical device maker, from start-up to global enterprise. Beginning with patented translation risk management from Crimson, through advanced content management technology from sister divisions Translations.com, Alchemy Software, Astoria Software and Vasont Systems, and including the global resources of TransPerfect, EnCompass is the first comprehensive portfolio of integrated content services and technologies for the medical device industry.

Examples of specific solutions include:

  • Reduce labeling cost up to 40% and risk up to 50% with XML publishing
  • Manage, reduce, or eliminate in-country review and reduce turnarounds by 50%
  • Use validated technology and FDA-informed strategies to control software localization cost/risk
  • Combine patented risk management and award-winning e-learning translation to drive sales and compliance

Send email to solutions@encompass.transperfect.com for more information or to schedule a consultation and learn how the EnCompass approach can help you.




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