Modular Technology

When it comes to translation, most device manufacturers aren’t just one company – they are many. Start-ups, mature manufacturers, and enterprise-scale device makers all have varying language needs. Add to that the differing requirements between departments (Regulatory, Clinical, Marketing, and Corporate) and language service demands quickly become broad and complex. No single configuration of technology and services can satisfy all requirements of every device company – instead, a modular approach is necessary. This approach lies at the heart of EnCompass language solutions. It also defines the various technologies that make up the TransPerfect family of companies.

A modular approach allows custom configuration to meet the needs of each business user. It also facilitates custom development to satisfy unique and emerging needs. This approach helped Crimson and TransPerfect introduce XML publishing to the medical device industry.

Following is an overview of key technology modules available to device makers. Contact Crimson to discuss your needs and create a solution that is right for you.


Astoria Software – Utilized by the world's leading medical device makers (including Siemens Healthcare Solutions and Abbott Diagnostics), Astoria On-Demand provides an automated publishing solution with content reuse and seamless collaboration across widely dispersed groups. One device manufacturer reduced its annual translation budget by 90%, and accelerated translation time from three months to three weeks with Astoria.

Alchemy Software Development

Alchemy CATALYST – 80% of the world's largest software companies use Alchemy CATALYST to accelerate entry to international markets, improve quality, and reduce costs. With over 25,000 licenses worldwide, Alchemy CATALYST is the dominant choice among enterprise-scale device manufacturers, including Philips and Siemens.

TransPerfectGlobalLink® OneLink – This revolutionary technology completely changes the traditional model for launching multilingual websites. With OneLink, it is no longer necessary to supply a website translation vendor with source files, provide access to your internal systems, or manage multiple versions of a website. OneLink handles the entire web localization process automatically, with no project management and minimal IT dependencies on the client side.

TransPerfectGlobalLink Translation & Review Portal – Allows users to control the entire translation and review lifecycle across all internal departments as well as partners and vendors outside the organization. This technology is ideal for managing in-country review (ICR) of locale-sensitive content, such as marketing and branding information.

The Translation & Review Portal enables organizations to easily capture all translations, revisions, and comments in a central platform, dramatically reducing turnaround times. Project teams can manage assignments and timelines for all facets of the translation review process.

TransPerfectGlobalLink Portal™ – Submit quote/project requests through this secure web-based Portal, upload translatable files, download finished translations, track requests, set up billing profiles for various departments, run custom reports, and have 24-hour access to translated files. The Portal has an intuitive user interface that allows for upload/download or “drag and drop” of files into the Portal and email notification from submission to delivery of projects.

TransPerfectGlobalLink™ TM Server – Centralizes translation memory (TM) assets in a server-based environment, where a single TM can be accessed across multiple internal resources. This tool allows for simple integration of any existing TM file and is a secure, hosted solution.

TransPerfectGlobalLink™ Term Manager – Is a web-based glossary management tool that provides a simple way for clients to centrally manage the terms and concepts that are important to their business, ensures consistency and improves quality, reduces the burden on reviewers, and reduces turnaround time and translation costs.

ArchiTextABREVE® and ABREVE Authoring Software – A proprietary methodology designed to reduce and simplify source content, the ABREVE® process can be taught to your technical writing team — leading to increased usability and decreased translation risk and cost. Crimson clients who have analyzed documents according to the ABREVE® methodology have noted cost savings of 20-40%.

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